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Bonded Series Panel TCR/PLG
Bonded Series Panels
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Product description

Colour: light grey

Product variants


Panelite™ Bonded Series Panels use a UV-stabilized liquid adhesive technology to bond PETG, Polycarbonate, or Acrylic facings to the cell wall of a tubular polycarbonate core to create a directionally transparent, lightweight panel. Offered in a variety of colors, finishes and core options including the innovative random core, the Bonded Series allows for creativity, choice and customization of design.
Applications for the Bonded Series include partitions, sliding panels, suspended ceiling panels, backlit and feature walls.

Core options
TC: Tubular clear, ¼” diameter cell
TCR: Tubular clear, random mix of 1/8” and 1/.4” diam cell

Transparent Facing options
PC: Clear
PO: Orange
PR: Red
PA: Aquamarine
PBR: Bronze
PLG: Light Gray

Satin Facing options
POL-S: Olive
PB-S: Periwinkle Blue
PC-S: Clear

Panel Dimensions
39” x 118”
Clear panels ¾” thick
Satin or colored panels: 7/8” thick

Environmental Fact
Through the use of translucent, transparent, and directionally transparent materials, architects and designers can allow daylight to reach into the depth of interior spaces, thereby reducing energy consumption for lighting while increasing the overall well-being of the occupants.
Panelite panels, including the new Bonded Series, contribute to the following LEED credits:
Indoor Environmental Quality Credit: Daylight and Views
EQ 8.1 + 8.2 Daylight and views, 1 pt.