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Prisma 2 Funktionsschrank
Prisma 2
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Functional cabinets
The functional cabinets are characterized by a reciprocal operability, whereby one cabinet can be used by two users at the same time.
The cabinets can be used directly at the workplace or as room dividing elements.
Different cabinet types with different front partitions - from open shelves to suspended and sliding doors to front drawers and transverse roller shutters - enable innovative workplace concepts with high space efficiency.


For out-of-the-box thinkers and business leaders!

With the cabinets of the PRISMA 2 series you set accents at work. Whether double doors, hinged glass doors, drawers, sliding doors or cabinets with horizontal roll-fronts, the PRISMA 2 cabinets create a representative order and make the most out of your office room!

PRISMA 2 offers a maximum of flexible and individual storage space by numerous possible combinations. Design your own workplace order according to your individual needs and always keep within optimal access to everything that is important – with PRISMA 2.