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Grand Ecart
Grand Ecart
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Jean Nouvel defines the role of the architect/designer as a person who observes cultural, historical and environmental changes and successfully manages to transform these changing trends into projects with a highly poetic content. And this poetic content is very much in evidence in the design of the Grand Ecart table since it brings together the minimalism of the object with the wonderful chaos of unexpected guests. The tables in the Grand Ecart range include both the extendible models and the new fixed versions. The extendible table is made up of two parts, one fixed and one which moves, and they are structured in such a way that one slides over the other like a drawer, allowing you to add 1, 2, 3, 4… place settings. The tables are available in soft–touch matt finish black, white, red, in the new dark grey (ral 7043) and in the new matt bi–colour versions white (ral 9010)–dark grey (ral 7043) and red (Pantone 8863/c)–red (ral 3003). In the extendible versions the legs are fitted with castors.

Sizes of extendible tables:
closed 1200 × 850 × h 730 mm, extendible up to 1800 mm.
Closed: 1800 × 850 × h 730 mm, extendible up to 3000 mm.

Sizes of fixed tables:
1800 × 850 × h 730 mm,
2400 × 850 × h 730 mm,
3000 × 850 × h 730 mm.