Product description

Table Crinolina diffuser diameter 290 mm: 1 low consuming fluorescent lightbulb 20 Watt. Fitting E27 (220V). Fitting E26 for 110V.

Product family


Crinolina is a collection of lights which evokes the shape of oldfashioned skirts. The defining feature of the lights is the diffuser with its perfectly balanced arrangement of filled and empty sections. Whatever angle the light is seen from, it appears asymmetrical, yet at the same time it is the perfect fusion of opposites. The diffusers are in PVC painted gold on the inside, reflecting the light and making the room warm and inviting, and covered with cotton chintz on the outside, which comes in three different colours (anthracite grey, white and purple). The structure is in epoxy powder coated steel in the same colours as the diffusers.