Product variants


Glazed terracotta available in a wide range of brillant colours.

The Earth produces clay and with a simple process of firing it is reduced to a hard, resistant material, it has a grainy feel, a colour and a strength which has allowed a long established and intense relationship with man and life .

Il Palagio, aware of the historical quality of the terracotta, and a promoter of innovation in the use of the material, since the beginning of the 90s has developed a system of thin terracotta slabs, equipped with finishing profiles and frames that are directly applied to the wall, with the aid of a metallic sub-structure.

In this way the terracotta tile has been developed from a material used for horizontal floor tiling, to one that can also be used on vertical surfaces. We have also added to the tiles a particular finishing surface, which while maintaining the link to its natural terracotta origins, also allows for different shaping, surface treatments and variations of colour.