Product description

Solar-powered LED lights integrated in a circular stone no power cables or maintenance. Tolerates 12 tons "driveover" by cars and turns on automatically after dark even in winter when the sun light is minimal. Ideal for both existing and new facilities as paths, patios, parks and green spaces. Also for use on vertical surfaces such as walls.

The round shape is universal rather than directional. Mountable on gravel, tarmac, soil or grass - even walls.


Body: Stainless steel.
Top: Moulded, transparent, UV- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate featuring a moulded skid-pattern.

Light feature
The light is refracted in the transparent and square patterned top. The light turns on / off via a sensor (app. 50 lux). 4 hours of charging in sunlight (900w/m2) generates 8-10 hours of light.

Light unit
Solar cell: Monocrystalline solar cells. Energy storage: 2 super condensers. 2 x 10mW white LED (about 6.000° Kelvin). Coloured lights available: red, blue, green or warm white (about 3.500° Kelvin).

Mount in a hole to fit product ø108mm and fix into place with concrete/tile adhesive. Joints may be finished with silicone. Can also be mounted directly into tarmac. SunStone must be exposed to light for around 2 days to work as intended.
Position SunStone as openly as possible. Avoid placing under trees, pergolas, overhangs or anything that prevents sunlight from reaching the product. Avoid areas with powerful artificial night-time lighting as they switch on/off at around 50 lux.

IP 68 watertight

Working temperatures
20 to + 60 degrees Celcius.

25 + years of expected lifetime. No wear parts and no
maintenace. Withstands loads of up to 12 tonnes.

Product code
009 0200 Sunstone, white/0,75kg
009 0210 Sunstone, varm white/0,75kg
009 0201 Sunstone, red/0,75kg
009 0205 Sunstone, blue/0,75kg
009 0202 Sunstone, green/0,75kg

Standard colours (approx. RAL)
White (cool)
White (warm)