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Grid 40x80

40 x 80 cm

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The word “ceramics” comes from the Greek word KERAMOS which means “clay or terra cotta”.
Ceramic tiles hold a unique place in history.
It can rightly be counted as the first domestic product to associate the functional and decorative (source:
And one of the first tile to be produced was the tile “salt and pepper”, a technical material with a noble history behind it, which, today, with the new magnitudes in sizes 80x80, 40x80, 40x40 rectified gres porcelain colored in body, it becomes the main ingredient, the “basis” on which the program “CUSTOM - MADE” of ORNAMENTA® comes to life.

History. Once again.

If you hope to find low quality tiles for few € per square meter, you are not in the right place.

# We care, we keep your satisfaction and so we always follow the product step by step throughout the production cycle…except when it is in the tunnel kiln at 1200 ° C otherwise we would not be here to tell you about it! Our Salt and Pepper is contemporary but in its new size “growth” has not lost those which were the intrinsic features at first: high

Custom-Made program

With “CUSTOM - MADE” program ORNAMENTA ® gives to the designer the opportunity to build its own customized project by choosing between 9 patterns in 3 sizes realized in 30 colours staded for a perfect matching with MAPEI coloured grouts program, world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for building. The designer is placed at the center of the project with a starring role in the choice of sizes and colours to express its own creativity, about 300 combinations ON DEMAND costumizing the patterns downloadable in the download website area.