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technology: Industrial Gres porcelain with screen printed colour - finish: rectified - thickness: 10 mm

20 x 20

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Ornament and Crime was an essay and a lecture by modernist architect Adolf Loos, that criticizes ornament in art, first given on 21 January 1908 in Vienna. The essay equated the use of ornamentation in late nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture and design with the destruction of culture and society. Loos felt strongly that ornament had no meaning or place within contemporary culture, even going so far as to argue that ornament actually hindered society’s progress. Specifically, Loos viewed superfluous ornament as an epidemic, one that contributed to the obsolescence of objects. He advocated for simplicity, because simple objects never go out of style and therefore would be treasured for all time. Even today, Loos’s questioning of the role of ornamentation still resonates within the architecture and the decorative arts communities. Academics, critics, students, artists, and curators regularly discuss and debate the topic, asking themselves such questions as: What purpose does ornament serve the design of an object? Is it simply a function of style? Does ornament contribute anything meaningful to objects today? ORNAMENTA’s provocative answer is in this collection, called “MANIFESTO”, in which the ornament was assumed at absolute protagonist. Hand painted canvas on which the author expresses his creativity in two sizes and five colours, synthesis of experimentation on the materials and stylistic fronts.