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Developed by Vancouver-based frim QMAAS, Ombrae is the first, patent pending, computer based surface image procesing system that allows for any digital source image, a photograph, or a computer graphic design to be embedded directly into any material substrate at any scale.
This cost efective surface treatment uses conventional material and manufacturing technologies. The image is made from physical three-dimensional pixels, or optical tile. The optical tile pixel creates just the right amount of light and shadow at just the right places at the surface of the material substrate. The image is a simple basrelief - no lenses, laminated layers, or printed dyes or inks are involved. The technique opens virtually unlimited opportunities. Images of this kind can be created by casting and/or machining into glass, resin, plastic, cast stone, concrete, metal, stone and some woods, for uses in achitectural and interior design, industrial, fashion and furniture design, using materials such as leather, vinyl, rubber, composites and fabrics are just some of the other areas and material of possible use of the Ombrae system.
Moreover, the system offers unique morphic and visually dynamic effects. An Ombrae image is never just a static surface; it morphs with changing lighting conditions and angles of view. The image object never seems the same as it will appear toshift, moving with the viewer as they move. Not to forget the possibility of unlimited combinations of materials, colour and transparency.
According to its creators, Ombrae allows for aesthetic and technical problem solving to be considered from a common platform. Sound attenuation, sun shading, thermal insulation, even aerodynamics and photovoltaic power generation are just some of the technical considerations that designer can address while creating uniquely aesthetic solutions for architecture, interior design, landscape design, and much more.