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The Sensu Punkah - white
The Sensu Punkah
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180x72x20cm, appr. 7,5kg

The key characteristics of THE SENSU PUNKAH are:
- Induces a Natural Breeze in any indoor environment
- Provides Relaxing Pendula Movements
- Is Super Silent
- Has a Low Energy Consumption (<20W)
- Helps reducing cost for heating and cooling
- Parking position of the blade can be adapted (horizontal or near vertical)
- A Cool(ing) Iconic Design
- Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany

Features (retrofittable):
IR Remote Control: 3 speeds, Timer

- LED ambient halo light, dimmable in 4 steps via standard remote control
- Synch Cable, connects a series of THE SENSU PUNKAH fans and synchronizes the blade movement
- Color & Trim Packages, fabric and stickers in different colors

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Gentle, draft free, ventilation is what makes the swinging ceiling fan (Punkah) so unique. In antiquity the Pharaos and Maharajas enjoyed the silent circulating of air that a Punkah offered. The tranquil pendula swing of the Punkah became part of the Indian and Arabian heritage and could also be found in 19th century Southern USA and in schools in the Australian outback. These majestic fans disappeared with the beginning of the 20th century due to the availability of cheap electric motors, allowing the mass-production of rotating fans.
These, however, cannot substitute the sensation provide by the soft natural breeze and soothing movement of a Punkah.