To complement its portfolio of spotlights, OLIGO has developed a system spotlight which can be used in a variety of applications: with the universal 3-phase track system, the award-winning OLIGO CHECK-IN system, or as an individual luminaire for ceiling mounting. Aside from the elegant and modern design, this family of spotlights offers its user a number of technical lighting options. Depending on the application, this spotlight is available with conventional HIT technology (for 20, 35 or 50 Watt bulbs) and with modern high-performance LEDs (17 W, 1100 lm / 26 W, 2000 lm). In both options, the use of high-gloss reflectors specifically designed for various applications permit two different beam characteristics (spotlight, floodlight) each.

For use in modern and top-quality shop engineering, VERSIO was designed with an aluminium pressure-cast enclosure in white, silver and black finishes and also with a high-gloss chrome finish to round out this efficient product line.