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Acoustic Art by Nature | Rima
Acoustic Art by Nature
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Cover the whole wall with a monumental installation, or opt for just a couple of acoustic panels around the workspace, the lunch counter, or why not as a wall decoration? Carina Seth Andersson is in love with peat. It’s all eco. It’s antiseptic. And it sports the best acoustic damping properties. She prefers the natural earth brown color of peat fiber, but Rima is readily available in any NCS-color. ‘Rima is perfect for exposed areas like for example long hospital passageways,’ exclaims Carina Seth Andersson. ’As opposed to cotton, peat doesn’t attract bacteria and other such things; it’s a natural antiseptic material. There is also a strong feeling of nature with this tactile and raw surface.’

Each sound-absorber consists of 4 elements that are juxtaposed for both aesthetic and acoustic concerns. The wave-formed outer part is attached to an even surface; together they form a 40-millimeter thick panel that delivers a superb acoustic damping. ‘Rima is an aesthetical reminder of corrugated roof covering’ says Carina Seth Andersson. ‘The sine wave form has nevertheless a functional use since the waveform is extremely effective in breaking up noise. The juxtaposition of the different elements in each panel stops the dispersions of sound waves as well.

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