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LO-SKOLEN chandelier
LO-SKOLEN chandelier
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The school center LO-School in Elsinore is placed on a spectacular nature plot, which shelves in direction the Sound.

Previously there was a long room with 3 ceiling archs, and a view over the Sound through 3 big windows in the under storey of the school center. The management of the school center has choosen to use this room for different uses including social and lectural, and also for exhibitions. The room can be splitt into two or three rooms via fold walls.

The architect company Fogh & Følner has been at the head of the rebuilding. They have custom designed 3 similar chandeliers for the project. These chandeliers are suspended under each of the 3 ceiling archs of the room. The chandeliers are very suitable and sufficient lighting in part due to the established light dimmer.

The chandeliers are made in superior craftsmanlike quality and has a finish in pre-patinated lacquered brass.