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“All of us architects, sculptors, painters must turn to the trade! Art is not a profession.‎ There is no essential difference between the artist and the craftsman.‎ The artist is an elevation of the craftsman.‎ In rare moments of inspiration, which escape the control of the will, the grace of heaven can make work work in art.‎ But competence in a trade is essential to every artist.‎ Here lies the primary source of creative imagination.‎“ - (cit.‎ Walter Gropius)

Form and function, art and design, artisan tradition and technological innovation: the Bauhaus school developed on these tracks and we, after having explored the colors, shapes, textures, sketches, we reworked them in a new leading them to be a Officinarkitettura collection.‎

Collection available:
- on Kerlite®thin laminated stoneware (size 100 x 300, thickness 3,5 mm) to create themes of total dimensions 500 x 300 cm;
- print on paper or nonwoven vinylic support;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for interior wallcovering.‎ The image can be customized;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for indoor application also in moisture spaces.