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Höganäs +561 is our largest chair, with a backrest that is 54cm high, and a full 44cm wide. Even the seat is a larger model, with a width of 46cm and depth of 49cm. With this chair, the seating space is 3cm greater for the back and seat compared to Plus 381, and the chair also boasts a stylish design sewn into the back and seat.

Höganäs +562 is essentially the same chair as 561, but without the plastic edge around the backrest and seat.

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With a meticulous attention to detail and almost endless possibilities Höganäs+ is one of our best and most personal chairs. Available in over 20.000 variations Höganäs+ can be precisely customized to suit your needs and wants.

Höganäs+ is available with your choice of eight different back rests, four different seat types, gas cylinders in three different height intervals, three different types of neck rests and accessories for the arms, legs, feet as well as extra padding for the lower back.