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Things we stored physically yesterday, is today being kept digitally. We are no longer bound to a specific place in the office and words like efficiency, flexibility and compatibility are today important in any modern work place. The table XTRA LARGE by Claesson Koivisto Rune is designed to meet many different demands on one surface. The table XTRA LARGE offers a big, clean surface and can be extended by adding more units. Below each unit are beams functioning as its power grid, meaning that cords earlier placed on the tabletop now can easily be kept under the table, making work much easier for everyone sitting around the table.

– With the table XTRA LARGE we wanted to create a hybrid between a meeting table and a writing desk; a table big enough to work undisturbed with your laptop but still be able to start up a conversation with someone sitting opposite. Even if there is a meeting taking place at the far end of the table. We have maximised a regular table with all the functions demanded in a modern office today. You could say that this table is the equivalent of a Hercules airplane, says Eero Koivisto, Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Lightweight table top in laminate from EGGER, frame in lacquered metal. Measurements: 2400x2400, 2400x1200 mm, h 720 mm