The room dividing system PLAYWALL is the follow up to the successful sofa system Playback. With a multitude of choices of colour, textile and add-ons, Playback is greatly appreciated for the ways it allows you to customise its design. With the introduction of PLAYWALL, you will get even more choices. PLAYWALL features an add-on acoustic screen system which allows you to build rooms within rooms. With a table, PLAYWALL will turn in to a very comfortable alternative to your ordinary work place. PLAYWALL is a free standing, buildable system which makes it usable for different kinds of interior solutions. It gives architects and decorators total freedom to compose according to need and taste. PLAYWALL can be used not only for Playback but for many sofas and tables in the collection.

Frame in lacquered pipe construction with fittings and adjustable feet in black ABS. Upholstered in laminated fabric.