Product description

Completely upholstered inclusive black mesh and welt seam.
Shell consist of recycled plastics polypropylene and polyethylene. Stackable.


The chair Louis IX is designed by Carlos Tíscar. It took him 10 minutes to create the concept for the Louis IX chair in his head. But it took two years to go from the sketch to the finished product. Louis IX is an archetypal neoclassical chair in the French Louis XVI style, but inspired by a modern design idiom. But the chair’s most special feature is its environmental friendliness. The basic shell of the Louis IX chair is made of recycled shampoo and soap bottles that have been melted under high temperature into a ‘dough’ and then pressed into furniture components. The steel frame is also produced with great respect for nature. Louis IX is a concept that is intended equally for use in the home as in public settings. Tíscar himself likes to combine the chair with the other furniture in his own living room. His dream is to see the Louis IX series used by people in their private homes and in public places like restaurants and cafes.

“I realize that I am being inconsistent when I say that we really don't need more products on the market. But nowadays furniture must be economical and made in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. I want to make products that will be loved and used for a long time, and that goal is also in agreement with Offecct’s ideal”, says Carlos Tíscar.

Upholstered in fabric incl. black mesh and piping seam. Shell consists of recycled plastics polypropylene and polyethylene. Legs in chrome. Stackable.