Product description

Elegance is seamless - this spotlight disappears into the ceiling thanks to the seamless mounting. It's head is 360° turnable and 30° swivable for maximum flexibility.

light and source power
max. 26W, »perfect color« LED for best color rendering
with innovative 230V VOLT light engine without remote driver: plug & play!

special features
dimmable via phase cut dimmer or Occhio air – control at your fingertips with your smartphone via bluetooth

mounting options
surface mounted directly to the mains power due to innovative Occhio VOLT light engine

chrome, matt chrome, glossy white, matt white, glossy black, matt black

79 mm

head turnable 360° and swivable 30°

Choose between three directed lighting effects and five optional color filters.

Product variants

Product family


Puristic – clean lines represent the unifying element of all Più plus models, with the »double hull« forming its unique design feature. The »floating« lens in the middle gives the spotlight its unmistakable character.