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Silhouette 15
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Ø 1,50 m

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The Edition Silhouette presents sensuous extravaganza between contrasting poles. Its passionate dynamics unfold in the contradistinctions of material and the lack thereof, between quotes of traditional arts and crafts and cutting edge technologies, between feminine design vocabulary and a masculine range of colours. The rugs of the Edition Silhouette are not simply passed over. They are an exclusive floor adornment in which the aesthetics of a designed room finds its culmination. Silhouette by Object Carpet is the first of a series of Rug Editions, always in tune with the tempo and styles of contemporary design.

Orient or Occident? In any case an ornament. The protagonists of the Edition Silhouette demand attention, an emotional commitment, and suitable room. They unite spaces and styles, and they emphasize the clash of them.

In front of furnishings such as sideboards or seating arrangements, in hallways, office or waiting areas, the open work-structure is optimally displayed. When several rugs are strategically placed, the repetitive rhythm of the ornamental patterns will link different areas – creating a connective element in shops, lofts, or other large spaces. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop, Black or White Velour.

Cutting edges, soft outlines, neo-baroque opulence. The presence of an Edition Silhouette rug demands a change of perspective as it adds another layer to the three dimensions: A stage for displaying exclusiveness.

Whatever personal connotations these rugs may evoke with their clear and aesthetic design vocabulary, in function and combinability they reveal their proximity to classic rugs. Whether as a stage for furniture or as the centre of elements arranged around them, these rugs always remain an impressively independent design object. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop, Black or White Velour.

Silhouettes on the floor: With their seductive axial symmetry and distinctive naïve charm they are fetching cohabitants. In spite of their filigreed effect they are definitely dominant, whispering of the allure of what was left out…

Here, the contiguity between material und background is projected to the floor in all consequence. The silhouette is playful as embroidery on a small scale, courageous enough to impose a challenge on a large scale – making high demands on the manufacturing process as well as on the user and the furnishings. Lying freely on the floor, these rugs purposely disrupt cool atmospheres. Their segments can serve as miniature stages for exclusive accessories. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop, Black or White Velour.

A 90-degree angle is this rug’s destiny: Corners in rooms, solitary furniture, right-angled lounge landscapes or hallways, into adjacent rooms… With this surprising design idea, Edition Silhouette opens completely new possibilities.

The geometric art of seduction: Edition Silhouette gyratingly leads the way to favourite places, meeting points or private spheres. These rugs make definite but unexpectedly soft statements in angular settings. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop and Black or White Velour.

As if looking through a monochrome kaleidoscope, the beauty of the patterns draws the viewer’s attention to the point: an exclusive, inviting island within the room.

These rugs don’t have to lie in the middle of the room to be the centre of attention. They are able to shift optical focal points, accentuating seating areas, showpieces, or accessories. Their quiet range of colours lets the patterns radiate in full beauty – an effect which is enhanced the larger the rug becomes. All rugs are available in Silver or Gold Loop, Black or White Velour.

The Edition Silhouette adds refinement to living spaces, business and office areas, sophisticated gastronomy, and hotels. The possibilities of adding a touch of glamour are manifold. These are our examples; the rest is up to you. Expect the unexpected!