Product description

Recessed luminaire made of aluminium body with electrostatic 100% polyester paint with textured-finish suitable for adverse climate conditions.
Frosted acrylic diffuser with perfect light uniformity.
Height-adjustable fitting system (flush, recessed or half-recessed).
Supplied with recessing fittings.

LED: CRI>80 />50.000h, L80/B10 / 3-step MacAdam
Power supply included.
IP43 | 230Vac | 50/60Hz

T5-FC: Electronic ballast included.

Ø14: Ø14x10cm
Ø28: Ø28x10cm
Ø39: Ø39x10cm
Ø59: Ø59x10cm
Ø85: Ø85x12cm

Product family


Perfectly lit. Perfectly even. Perfectly round. Sky's wide range of luminaires use the latest technology to create circles of unbroken and uniform radiance: fundamental shapes that blend with architecture yet create a powerful presence in any room.