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Sophisticated satin in double width and in a great choice of colours. Scarlet stands for modern opulence. The satin can be used on both sides. On side features matt linen finish, the other silky gloss.

ca. 305 cm | f9:Z4 |140 g/m2 | 60% linen | 40% polyester | 17 colours

Usage: decoration, panel tracks, cushions, Roman shade, napkins, bedspread, table cloths

Luxury Life gives posture to rooms by precisely accentuated gestures of representation. Born out of the spirit of Modernism how it has been affected by Mies van der Rohe, minimalism and luxury are in no conflict anymore. The opulence of materials matches with simple décor; classical imperial colours match with noble metal shades. Strong optical impulses match stylistically appropriate with minimalistic designs. A breeze of patina undercoats the collection. By the intelligent balance of stylistic devices Luxury Life is the basement for a new vocabulary of luxury.