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Fine cotton rep with a small addition of polyester. Daso is a timeless basic for uncomplicated decorations. With its natural feel and softly crashed surface, the product stands for natural nonchalance. Available in wide range of natural colours.

ca. 150 cm | 170 g/m2 | 90% cotton | 19 colors | 10% polyester | Martindale 14.000

Usage: decoration, panel tracks, cushions, Roman shade, napkins, bedspread, table cloths, upholstery fabric (good suitability)

Pure Perfection penetrates the room by the fabric's sensory impulses. Born out of the spirit of Japanese teahouses, textiles and architecture are one. The interplay of light and shadow, the traditional colour shades of nature, the perfect mastering of irregularities and the sensuality of surfaces come together in a unique balance.
The subtlety of 2014 is created by wilful alienation, the experiment. The respectful break with tradition opens new spaces for design. Design is not eye-catching, but unfolds itself by exploring and living the fabrics. By the subtle composition of sensory impulses Pure Perfection is the basement for a quite interior sensation.