Plain- color upholstery and decoration fabric in grainy Panama weave. Bahama CS is suitable for contract use and easy-care. The product can be used universally for covers, upholstery, cushions and decorations. The choice of colours comprises strong hues and classical non‐colours.

ca. 140 cm | 330 g/m2 | 100% Trevira CS | 14 colors

Usage: decoration, panel tracks, cushions, Roman shade, napkins, bedspread, table cloths, upholstery fabric (Martindale 30.000)

Creative Concept transfers the simple and practical sophistication of modern sports fashion to the room. Coming from the spirit of pop, hedonistic qualities of 'Plug & Play' are enlarging the classical field of what is usual associated with fabric. Signal power, sportiness, and laxness match with functionality, easiness and feasibility. The focus is in colour and makes the fabric the hero in the room. He consciously does not subordinate, but easily rivals the design objects in the room. The fabric becomes an object in the room. With its self-‐conscious, uncomplicated trendiness Creative Concept is the ticket for a unobstructed entrance to textiles.