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Pila is a brand new product family derived from consumers’ needs and demands. Pila comes forward with its simplex leg design and functional electrification solutions.

Thanks to Pila’s sliding table top, one can easily access to electrification solutions that are placed underneath with smart tools. This enables a larger and neater working space on the table. This aspect also helps for easy cleaning.
Both straight and angled metal leg options are available. Cables are carried onto the table top through the inner covers that are placed in the metal legs. Different colour options of inner covers provide an aesthetic appearance. The coloured leg option can also be completed with matching acrylic and/or fabric concentration panels.

Pila is launched as a wide-range product family. Along with its double and quadro standard desks it can also be produced with closed legs and in bench-type.

Pila closed-legs provide a good solution for privacy and individualization seekers. It is a modern yet retrospective product for four and yet architecturally balanced.

The bench-type Pila still carries the same emotional spirit. The storage bench is produced for two-sided usage. It stores the CPU inside and provides easy access thanks to its well structured doors.

The upper shelf supplies a common area as well as making room for private usage with its divider.

Pila also has in its family Pila Exe and Pila Meeting options.