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With pre-painted aluminium, the demands of the construction industry can be perfectly fulfilled. Highly decorative with excellent insulating properties, weather resistant, ideal for roofing and cladding; functional for interior design and sun protection. Unusual shapes and a wide range of colours for modern architecture are achieved by innovative coating systems and good processing qualities. Pre-painted aluminium ensures safe, high, quality buildings, pleasant to look at – for decades.

Novelis pre-painted aluminium combines all advantages of modern coil-coating technology - flat aluminium sheet are cleaned, pre-treated and refined in a single production step - resulting in a high-quality uniform coating reproducible at any time and a material which has been developed for easy processing for a variety of applications.
Novelis pre-painted aluminium reduces the production risk for the customer and saves time and money.
Why not benefit from our 40 years of experience in aluminium coil coating? Versatile, flexible coil-coated aluminium from Novelis is perfectly prepared. You can use it at once: it is 100% tailored to your requirements.
Our customers are the motor for our innovation. In close cooperation with customers, we develop new products, alloys and coating systems which prove their fitness for a variety of purposes in stringent material and surface tests. Continuous quality controls are a standard part of our service.

The Wrinkle systems FROST, PASTELL and WOOD are special coatings with a perceirable structured surface. Due to the 3-layer system impressive looks, such as frozen surfaces, wood grains or satined optics are available. The excellent weather and abrasion resistance of this lacquer system is outstanding. No chalking or gloss reduction. The Wrinkle coatings are highly formable and equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

According to EN 13501 the following Novelis pre-painted aluminium products produced in Göttingen, Germany has been certified in the best fire protection class A1:
ff2, ff3 for facades
falzonal for roofs and facades in lock-welt quality
Prepainted aluminium for ceiling for interior use
Prepainted aluminium for roller shutter and blinds for sunprotection
Signicolor the ideal advertising material