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FF2® Cassette construction
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FF2® pre-painted aluminium has been - in alloy, stiffness and paint system - specially developed for facade cladding. FF2® - a material which provides architects and building owners with a vast range of complex design options.

FF2® pre-painted aluminium is coil coated with a high-quality PVdF-paint system. Particular, its good workability, the strength of the base material and the coating make FF2® ideal for creating facades that match your specific ideas and modern architecture requirements.

An invitation to creativity: a wide range of plain, metallic and special colours
Flawless, brilliant and long lasting surfaces due to a high-quality coating
Approved in extreme climates
FF2® is ultra-flat and stress-free and can withstand permanent high loading
Sound insulation: Due to very low sound emission levels compliant with DIN 4109, FF2 plus® is ideal for facade design where acoustics are paramount (e.g. in hospitals etc.)
FF2® is suitable for various ventilated and non-ventilated facade constructions: