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Iconic design in new colours
- Normann Copenhagen has expanded the Krenit range, designed by Herbert Krenchel in 1953

Normann Copenhagen is launching the original Krenit bowl in three new colours: a cool mint, a clear yellow and a bold coral. The Krenit bowl is a perfect example of excellent Danish design and throughout the years, it has become a design icon. With the addition of the new colours the series now contains a total of 60 bowls in 10 colours and six sizes, which can be mixed together as desired.

As a tribute to this simple design, Normann Copenhagen has carefully selected three new colours, creating a sharp contrast to the black exterior of the bowl. The inspiration for the yellow and mint coloured bowls was drawn from the original Krenit colour universe. The clear yellow colour adds a touch of nostalgia while the cool mint creates a distinguished, Scandinavian expression. The strong coral is a bold and feminine choice of colour for this iconic design.

The Krenit range, with its clean and simple feel, is a contemporary classic, which lets functionality and aesthetics come together flawlessly. The characteristic sharp edge creates a balance between material and shape that gives the bowl its modern feel. The form itself set the standard for later designs of bowls, and the shape makes it just as suitable for a modern home as it was back then.

The new colours will allow enthusiasts to supplement their current collection, while new Krenit lovers can begin their own.

Colours: White, Turquoise, Lime, Red, Orange, Grey, Light Blue, Yellow, Mint, Coral
Material: Steel