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Color Box
Color Box
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Dynamic and playful storage unit
- Normann Copenhagen presents Color Box

Colorful and functional. Henriette W. Leth has designed a colorfully designed and expressively simple storage unit. Color Box is multi-functional in that it can be hung on the wall or stacked up on the floor in various ways.

For Henriette W. Leth the right choice of Color, shape and function is important when envisioning a room as a whole. The need arose for a sculpturally good-looking storage unit in connection with an interior design assignment. The shape of Color Box makes it useful for storage of vinyl records, books, magazines and other, smaller objects. Color Box creates personality and with its beautiful colors adds a dynamic expression to the room.

Henriette W. Leth says: "I became tired of looking at unattractive book covers on the shelves and therefore decided to find a solution which could not only contribute with some color in the room but also be a way to store things practically. It is important that things have soul and are aesthetically beautiful as they affect the people in the room. They should be both versatile and beautiful. When I made Color Box I wanted people to be able to mix the different colors and create their own, personal expression."

Color Box is made of folded steel and is available in six different colors. These range from classic white and grey to the more discrete colors of rose, rust and green as well as the stronger blue. One can create a feeling of peace and calm or a dynamic mood in the room depending on the combination of colors.

In 2011, Color Box became part of the Danish Craft Collection. This was due to the high quality craftsmanship and the interesting way that Henriette W. Leth works with the material.

The manager of Danish Crafts, Birgitte Jahn, elaborates on this: ”It's very gratifying that a product marketed in the Danish Crafts Collection this year has already been acquired by Normann Copenhagen. To initiate a development, which can lead to a professional career with commercial conditions for the individual participant, is one of the precise aims of Danish Crafts. Some craftsmen and designers wish to increase their revenue as self producing craftsmen whilst others, such as Henriette W. Leth, wish to hand over their productions to a design producer. Therefore, when a dynamic company like Normann Copenhagen acquire a product from the collection, we naturally view this as very positive. It can be great of significance for the designer behind the product.”

Material: Powder coated steel

Colors: White, grey, rose, rust, green, blue

Size: H: 34 cm x L: 26 cm x D: 17 cm