Hazel is the second pendant by Nordic Tales. It is a tiny light in the dark wintertime. The lamp is made by wood and metal in neutral colours: black, white and cobber.
The petite pendant uses the latest LED-technology and provides a warm light imitating daylight by 90 percent. The light is adjusted by a lens, which offers total control over direction and strength. Thus, the lamp also appeals to professionals.
Hazel is part of Nordic Tales’ story of sustainable high quality design. The lamp is designed, developed and produced in Scandinavia and has an estimated lifetime of 50.000 hours. That corresponds to 45 years when using the lamp three hours a day – each day.
Like all Nordic Tales products, Hazel arrives in a wrapping that can be reused in many ways. But the wrapping does not just make a difference to you. The package is processed by a group of autistics in a workshop in Holstebro, Denmark. The workshop gives its attendants an opportunity to work and earn their own money. That, we think, is a beautiful tale.