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Xo Sofa
Xo Sofa
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The XO™ sofa is an inspiration piece, which translates pop, sci-fi culture into a three-dimension form for living. “Designing this piece gave me the opportunity to explore a wide variety of themes and shapes that could be interpreted into a form,” states Niu, “The X-wing fighter’s split wing design has always captivated me as a child and I wanted to somehow bring it’s essence into a sofa piece,” Nolen explains.
It’s unique “X” shape, created by a sharp 6-inch tall cavity beneath the seat and 6-inch dip on the back rest, seems futuristic in it’s own right with seat cushion lines that magically vanish into the backrest and armrests. “I was looking to create multiple plains that seeming intersect, crossover, and blend together,” informs Nolen, “The angled armrest on both left and right sides of the piece were a visual suggestion that two people would converse facing each other from either side,” explains Niu.
The frame of the XO™ sofa is composed of hardwood, with all of the foam inserts and supports utilizing High Resilience foam for shape integrity. The underside of the 6-inch tall cavity, beneath the seat, is completely upholstered in order to maintain uniformity.