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Oblique bookcase
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The OBLIQUE™ bookcase and tower makes use of gravity as invisible bookends that allow books and magazines to stack neatly at a 45-degree angle. “The concept has been around forever but I was looking to create a modular bookcase and tower that could grow in size particularly for open loft space plans,” explained Niu. The bookcase and tower comes in manageable sizes and can be organized to fit together side-by-side like a puzzle. Books and magazines are stacked neatly one on to another, to create a visually stimulating and clean presentation. Polished stainless steel feet keep the units gloss painted MDF surface or real wood veneers from chipping and it’s base is a discreet 2-inches wider for stability without compromising it’s overall looks.

“Bookcases are centerpieces for most rooms and I was looking to create something that expanded on a old concept that complimented today’s interiors…I also wanted its overall shape to be friendly to the eye since its angular corners might be too aggressive for some,” Nolen elaborated.

Traditionally bookcases and towers are rectilinear and offer little variation in terms of design. The standard cubical format has become institutionalized with big box stores pushing these units out by the thousands. The OBLIQUE™ bookcase and tower looks to separate its self from its cookie-cutter cousins and offer an alternative method to organizing and storing literature.

The OBLIQUE™ bookcase and tower are offered in a range of custom colors and can be made to match any color swatch. They are also offered in six real wood veneers including Macassar Ebony, Zebrawood, Wenge, Maple, White Oak, and Mahogany. The MDF and wood veneer surfaces are ¾” thick and the feet are only offered in polished stainless steel.