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Evo Armchair | Ottoman
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The EVO™ collection explores the use of shapes and negative spaces, which results in the comfort and functionality of the piece. “With the EVO™ collection, I explored the possibilities of creating three separate zones for seating which are the seat, lumbar, and backrest,” explains Nolen. The hexagonal like shape keeps the piece feeling light weight, while providing the optimal angels for each zone without compromising the shape and form factor of the design. The large 2-inch gap simplifies cleaning with the use of a narrow nozzle vacuum attachment and leaves other items in plan view and easily retrieved.
The seat, lumbar, and backrest are separated by three, independent, High Resilience foam inserts supported by a hardwood frame. The three zones move independently from each other and allow the seat, lumbar, and backrest to take shape to the users body by distributing the weight across each zone. This allows a multitude of body shapes and sizes to take shape to the seating instead of the other way around.
An additional feature with the EVO™ collection is its variety in seating arrangements. “I was really interested in the creating a seating collection that was fun and expressive and gave complete freedom to the user in regards to it’s seating arrangement,” continues Nolen, “These days, the consumers are constantly finding ways to freshen their own spaces and what better way to do it by combining and moving around components to create an entirely new piece,” states Niu.
The EVO™ ottoman fits snuggle under the lip of the sofa or armchair. The ottoman can also be used as a bridge, to create an “L” shaped island. With the use of an additional armchair and ottoman, one can create the ultimate sectional.