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Arro armchair
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Nolen Niu >
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The ARRO™ armchair might be more recognizable than you think. We drivers unknowingly see it on a daily bases and if we don’t see it, we definitely hear it…clicking away in the background as we drinking our morning cup of coffee or listening to our favorite radio station. “I wanted to design an armchair that was fun and easily recognizable while still addressing the issues of comfort and usability,” stated Niu. The ARRO™ armchairs arrow like angles are also the same angles used to create the comforting seat and back rest. Its shallow sit depth offers lower back support and its 3” integrated cushion provides a soft yet supportive surface.

“It truly fascinated me how over the decades the turn signal arrow has remained virtually unchanged in color or style…I really wanted to capture its icon look in 3D and when viewed completely from the side, its graphically represented” stated Niu.

It’s an icon that helps direct most of us on a daily bases and it’s importance is often overlooked since its become such apart of our daily lives that we barely notice it anymore. The sound it makes too, has been minimally altered which makes the ARRO™ armchair such an appropriate piece to idolize the flashing green, clicking arrow we have become so accustomed too.

The ARRO™ armchair’s frame is constructed from solid alder hardwood, lined with high resilience foams, and offer in variety of vibrant color leathers and fabrics.