Key facts

Product description

nolastar_wood is a collection of the curtain and room divider system nolastar®.
nolastar_wood is made ​​from fine100% natural materials.
1 mm thick birch plywood form the base material of nolastar_wood and creates a stylish, natural room climate.
All the way to room layout and individual preferences, nolastar_wood is made in shades of ebony, rosewood, walnut and maple gold.

The basic modules of nolastar® consist of recyclable PET 0.75 mm thick in raster format 20 x 20 cm. The squares with rounded corners have a small hole on all four sides, and are linked with each other by eyelets made ​​of spring steel. The swivel eyes at the upper edge can be connected to any standard curtain rail and make nolastarc become a mobile unit which can be folded up when needed and can easily be pushed to one side.
nolastar® is 100% made ​​in Germany.

Product variants


The curtain and room divider system.
nolastar® has many functions: as a curtain, as wall panel, as a room divider or as a transparent and light design element that accentuates spaces large and small.
Despite all its multi-functional diversity nolastar® does not dictate any rules and can be used individually in different heights, widths and colors for the design of offices, shops, windows, exhibition stands, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and of course all private areas.