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NEB Bedside Table | Storage Boxes 01
NEB Storage Boxes
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Product description

While the cabinet “la Pasticceria” is made for display, the NEB Storage boxes is for all the things you want to hide. Tuck away your belongings in an elegant black box, covered with a brass flap door that opens with a concealed grip.
The Box can be mounted directly onto the iconic and architectural cross-leg structure that is the main feature of the “No Early Birds” collection.This way it serves as a freestanding bed side table or bar.
It can also be placed anywhere in the flexible and versatile shelving system, serving as support for the shelves.

All materials are of Swedish origin and are along with surface treatments chosen with great concern to the environment.
Cross-leg and dishes in powder coated metal. Available in white, black, green or grey. Dishes also in steel or brass.
Frame in black valchromat with low sheen finish.
Flap door in brass or zink.

Dimensions Box 01 (mm):
Width 450
Depth 400
Height 270

Dimensions Low cross-legs (mm):
Height 300 or 430

Dimensions High cross-legs (mm):
Height 600 or 700

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With the No Early Birds collection Per Soderberg has created an uncompromising and timeless furniture collection that ages with beauty. Everything is being produced in Sweden with great skills and with environmentally responsible methods. A simple yet unique fixing system was designed to help make the transportation and assemblage easier.