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Studio Job was founded in 2000 by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven now based in Antwerp and Amsterdam. From their library of icons and images, existing patterns are adapted and extended to compositions of nine meters. Unique and without repeat. The collection reflects a retrospect of the history of Studio Job. They used archetypical drawings and these universal symbols are combined as iconographic elements for patterns and compositions, ultimately creating 7 designs: Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, l’Afrique and Withered Flowers, the latter in black & white and in color. These patterns, icons and compositions were originally created amongst others for their own work and projects in design, art & fashion.

Job Smeets: “Where do you put the paintings?”, I hear someone grumble. My reply: “The plain white wall behind a painting is an idea from modernism. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was not uncommon to present art on very ornamented silk wallpaper. But let me put it another way: with this wallpaper you no longer need any paintings. Viewed in this way – per running meter - it is relatively cheap art.

Rick Vintage, NLXL founder: “Can you imagine, if you love art, what it feels like to browse through the archives of Studio Job? We felt like a child before Christmas. Our cooperation has brought NLXL to a whole new level. Job Smeets has used his art direction talents to create a stunning setting for the promotional photos as well as our showroom in Milan during Salone del Mobile last April. So the Studio Job craftsmanship is present in every detail of this collection.”