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moveable wallpaper nude
moveable wallpaper nude
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Nina Levett >
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Moveable wallpapers are modular paintings that can be combined to create a wallpaper effect. Once the hanging system is installed on your wall, you can vary the images in order to create different colour combinations. The nude motif is printed in digital print directly on board and finished with epoxy resin. The colour will change with time because of the sensibilty of epoxy resin to light. This is a wanted effect showing the alteration of synthetic material with time.

The designs work with the fact that the woman of the house has historically been seen as a sort of household object; looking nice, perfect body, being sexy and speaking rarely. So, I thought the perfect clothing to go with this idea of the 'housewife' could be pieces that make her disappear; they would be the same color and print as the tiles in the bathroom, or as the sheets on the bed, all blending into one. This is the bag you can put over her head in case she didn't have her hair done today or she's without makeup....

I want to portray a type of housewife that has gone astray into a marriage which has locked her in - like a predator in a small cage in the zoo, not adapt to the needs of a very young woman - and now has the role of a whore and unpaid cleaning lady. She covers this role with more or less boredom. The objects and furniture in the house become a replacement for the outside world. The variations of her life consist in small changes: fridge open/closed, dishwasher open/closed, plates on the ground/on the shelf,... The tension in this situation is represented by the woman lying on the floor. The kitchen knife is the cousin of the plate, it usually lies in a drawer in the same room. Now it is lying on the floor like the woman. In a threatening way. I don't know: is the woman dead, did she revenge, or are all these objects equivalent: plate, knife and woman, are all these simply useful objects?