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office air LED for table, single-sided
office air LED
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Dietrich Brennenstuhl >, Markus Mohn >
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007-874 - 007-879
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Product description workplace luminaire. Light distribution 100 % direct beam. Diffuser surface made of acrylic glass for suppressing glare and directing light downwards by means of aligned dimples. Luminaire head and tube made of chrome-plated or anodised aluminium. The luminaire‘s effective luminous flux amounts to 2400 lumens. Caution: Sufficient stability of the table and the desktop is assumed.

Luminaire, single-sided, with universal desk mounting capability
Luminaire head and tube made of aluminium, anodised
dimmable, switchable, Presence detector and ambient light sensor
45 W = 120 W compact fluorescent lamp
865 × 270 × 1160 mm (luminaire) technology, 45 W power supply, 230 V AC
2400 lm
3000 K
100 % direct beam


The Offi ce Air LED fundamentally redefi nes the concept of the offi ce workstation luminaire. As the first model of its kind in the world, the Offi ce Air LED breaks with previous approaches to fl oorstanding luminaires and, due to the deliberate separation of task light (direct light) and ambient light (indirect light), opens up new, path-breaking possibilities of use in the offi ce. A clear design and a reduced language of form unify light technology, state-of-the-art optics, modern electronics and a thermo-management function. The luminaire is based on the innovative, a highly effi cient and long-lasting means of illumination. The optimized thermo-management feature maximizes the lighting effect of the lamps while the exactly aligned conical indentations ensure glare-free and effi cient direct light. The expertise of the Nimbus Group has been accumulated over many years and is refl ected in this superbly engineered design concept.

The Office Air LED creates optimum conditions at the workstation. The direct light component complies with all the requirements of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association and the workstation directives and is, of course, also in line with DIN EN 124641. Inclined conical indentations in the diffusor glass direct the light to exactly where it is needed. Apart from the row in the middle, all the conical indentations are also individually twisted outwards so that the light is optimally directed onto the entire working area. Combined with the powerful, effi cient technology, this results in uniform illumination over the entire width of the working area – without any glare. The Office Air LED is therefore excellently suited for workstations wherever use is made of computer screens and laptops.

Thanks to its range of sophisticated technical features, the Office Air LED offers high savings potential compared to conventional offi ce luminaires, which use compact fluorescent lamps. A high light output and long useful life are supplemented with low energy consumption in conjunction with the presence detector and ambient light sensor (PDLS). For the first time, it is also possible to completely illuminate a dual workstation with direct light from only one Offi ce Air LED luminaire, whereby the Office Air LED only needs 130 W (70 W in effi ciency mode) – a conventional offi ce luminaire, in contrast, needs 240 W.

The development of pioneering lighting products is based on a redefi nition of how we understand light. This is reflected in the Offi ce Air LED with its carefully engineered design. Task light (direct light) and ambient light (indirect light) can be controlled separately according to needs. This is the only way to achieve additional energy savings. The direct light illuminates the working area uniformly and according to the task in hand. In contrast to conventional offi ce workstation luminaires, the refl ection of additional direct light by the ceiling is no longer necessary. As an independent lighting source, the upwardly directed ambient light (indirect light) can be controlled separately from the task light (direct light) so that an individual light atmosphere can be created in the offi ce as desired.

A small green LED indicates normal operation of the Offi ce Air LED. This mode stands for maximum energy saving with ideal illumination of the workstation – solely by means of the task light (direct light). Users are thus provided with direct feedback on how effi ciently the luminaire is working. As soon as the ambient light (indirect light) is switched on for additional lighting comfort in the room, the green LED goes out.

In addition to the versions with single switching and a dimming function, the Offi ce Air LED is also available with a presence detector and ambient light sensor (PDLS) for maximum user comfort. If an employee is present, the luminaire switches itself on and automatically adjusts the brightness at the workstation in relation to the surrounding level of brightness. If the employee leaves the workstation for a long time, it automatically switches itself off again. The PDLS control system thus ensures optimum workstation lighting and, at the same time, maximum energy savings.