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Kaleidos Boiseries
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Serie Kaleidos
Leather boiseries

Kaleidos is a line of mosaics and boiseries that comes instinctively from the leather: décor is not a supplement in aesthetic design; it’s an expression of the Nextep leather identity.
The elegant tone-on-tone boiseries in plain and decorated leather recall nostalgic atmospheres. Charming and refined, they satisfy the tastes of those who love the Neo-classical style and can be used as matching wall coverings for the mosaic modules and also the Lifestile and Tactile Series leather tiles by Nextep Leathers.
Whether replacing or accompanying wallpaper, stucco or ceramic tiles, the Kaleidos boiseries can cover bearing and dividing walls in a choice from different décor and colours.
Their aesthetic dimension means every living or business space can indeed be decorated with a touch of design - living rooms, bedrooms, suites, spas, lounge bars, show-rooms, boutiques, receptions, offices and galleries.
The protagonist is leather, a living material, natural, soft and at the same time resistant. It’s an inviting material, caressing and protecting at the same time. It’s a material that Luigi Priante, head of the Pride company, have made the object of constant experimentation, refining over more than thirty years’ knowledge and ability in selecting and tanning leather. For visual alchemy that draws you in…skin-deep.

Leather boiseries:
For creating Neo-classical, retro or simply refined spaces
Sizes: Torello 4x30cm, Boiserie 30x90cm, Battiscopa 7x30cm, Mosaico 30x30cm

• Strips of inlaid natural leather, alternated vertically in strips with embossed patterns: treccia, caimano, elefante, zebra; tone-on-tone colours
• Characteristic geometric designs for mosaic modules
• A shaped base board for the pavement join and by a round border tile in the same shade, as complementary pieces of each colour module
• Colour-matched wall frames