Product description

Baked Enamel


The Owl 1 Tall features a dome reflector giving maximum direct downlight without glare, ideal for table lighting in rooms with views through glass as there is minimum reflection. The increased height of the ‘Tall’ version provides wider surface illumination. Available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and painted finishes.

210mm x 78mm
(8¼”) x (3”)

Light Source Options
- 1W Warm White 2700K LED (Standard)
- 1W Warm Candle 1800K LED (Optional)
- 5W Halogen (Optional)

Battery & Charging Options
Sanyo Li-Ion 2600mAh or 5200mAh, 100 - 240V Approved for worldwide usage

IP 52 - Dust protected & dripping water when tilted up to 15°