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nan17 ceiling light
nan17 ceiling light
nanoo by faserplast >
Christian Deuber >, Jörg Boner >
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Suspended lights-General lighting >
Suspended lights-Pendant lights in metal >

Product description

Ø 60 cm, height 32 cm
Light source: E27, Energie Saver 105 W


The ceiling lamp nan17 was created on the basis of a specific need. The architectural team Meier Leder from Baden commissioned the designers Jörg Boner and Christian Deuber to develop a light concept for one of their exceptional buildings. Following an architectural competition, the institutional residence was realised. The lamp was one of the main elements of the light project as it was developed specifically for this object. High standards of aesthetics and light qualities led to a period of development and continuous improvement lasting more than two years. The formal starting point was an environment which is normally feared for its dusty textile lampshades: the pleated structure. Through contemporary aesthetic and technical formulation a surprising contrast with a new quality was created. The lamp consists of individual tin slats arranged in a circle to form a conical lampshade.

The light emerges downward as direct light through an opaque sheet of Perspex. An indirect light situation is created towards the ceiling, and an atmospheric surround light through the arrangements of the slats on the external shell.
The first sixty lamps now contained in the building met with an enthusiastic reception. Due to the great success of the atmospheric light, nanoo then decided to develop the product further for specialist shops. It has found its way from a large public building into attractive residential surroundings.

This hanging light consists of tin slats that form a translucent structure. The assembled parts form a lampshade. The resulting light is soft and atmospheric.
Specifications: sheet steel 0.7 mm, colour powder-coated.

Other sizes:
Ø 85 cm, height 45 cm
Light source: E27, Energie Saver 4 x 70 W