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We are proud to present a stunning new collection of beautifully hand-crafted rugs designed by Danish artist, Naja Utzon Popov (pron. Nai-ya)

‘Ice’ is an exquisite new range of rugs inspired by Naja’s extensive travels to Greenland’s vast inland ice plains. With vibrant colour transformations and crystalline forms, the patterns of ice crystals have been translated into a collection of rugs with bold designs, lush textures and vibrant colours.

Brightly and boldly graphic, the carpets’ originality comes from their reflection of the hexagonal symmetry and uniqueness inherent in nature’s pure snowflake form. The design theme, which runs through the seven different patterns in the range, defies the elusiveness and transience of snowflakes by capturing their beauty in functional artworks that can be treasured for generations.

All seven patterns within the ‘Ice’ range are designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors, and are extremely durable as well as luxurious in feel. A mix of wool and silk is also available, providing an attractive variation in texture and appearance to the pure wool version.

Working side by side with carefully selected, skilled craftsmen in India’s north-east, Naja has ensured that each of her hand-drawn designs has been faithfully articulated in a high-quality hand knotted and hand tufted rug of New Zealand wool or silk.

Each commission can be tailored to your own colour specifications and can be made to any size. Most importantly, all of the rugs are Rug Marked, providing an internationally-recognised guarantee that no child labour has been involved at any point throughout the manufacturing process.