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Compose | 2-seater
Compose Sofa
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Product description

Sofa with wooden frame and cold-foam filling.
Wooden legs.

Fiord 151

Length: 240 cm
Depth: 94 cm
Height: 69 cm
Seat Height: 38 cm
Seat Depth: 68 cm

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With COMPOSE, the acclaimed Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll have created a new category of sofas for MUUTO. Based on the archetypical components - seat, backrest, armrest, pillows and legs - the intention has been to compose the most harmonious sculptural form in a sofa. Focusing on a deep and plush seating experience, the sofa is designed as a generous lounge platform which is both intoxicatingly soft and soberly firm in its expression. The simple lines and precise proportions underlines the Nordic design references, whereas the voluptuous form is based on the architectural principles derived from modernism.
With its divided seat and back, Compose gives the impression of being modular – a deliberate design reference to Anderssen & Voll’s modular sofa Connect. In comparison, Compose rests elegantly on hidden legs which give the sofa a visual lightness. Compose offers with its extra seat depth a landscape of elegant relaxation, and the loungy feel predominates regardless of the choice of the two- or three-person model.

Anderson & Voll on the design
”Designing this sofa, was a sculptural study in how to compose a commodious yet sophisticated sofa using the simplest of components: seat, back and armrests. Compose offers the comfort and room to fully relax whilst being an appealing design object. We added extra depth to the seat while maintaining a pure and elegant overall look, allowing Compose to induce everyday bliss.”