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Beam Lamp
Beam Lamp
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INTRODUCING THE BEAM LAMP, A FUNCTIONALLY MODERN LIGHTING DESIGN FROM MUUTO BY TOM CHUNG The first design ever by emerging Canadian designer Tom Chung for Muuto is Beam Lamp—a table light that is inherently modern in its expression and function.
Designed with its body in anodized aluminum for a tactile feel and matte expression, the Beam Lamp shines light from two sources, one in each end of a cylinder shape. By the click of a dimming switch, the user can select across three different levels of light following which the dimming switch can be turned to alter the volume of light omitted in each end of the lamp.
Adding to the advanced technological functionality of the dimming switch is a 350°-degree rotational base, enabling the user to turn the position of the Beam Lamp according to their spatial needs and liking.
The Beam Lamp is designed in four colors—Aluminum, Black, Umber and Green—that are combined with the anodized aluminum surface for a linear gradient around the cylinder shape of the design, giving the Beam Lamp a complex and unique color appearance. Place the Beam Lamp on the desk, in a windowsill, on the floor or side table for a light that is modern in both its function and expression.

“The idea for the Beam Lamp came while renovating my childhood home. I had made a shelf to use as divider between the hallway and living room and needed a lamp that could at once throw light out into the living room and down the hallway. The Beam Lamp mimics a single ray of light that travels through a round tube with its dimmer allowing the user to alter the light omitted in each end across three levels of light by the turn and click of a playful dimming switch."
“With the Beam Lamp, you can alter the volume of light omitted, change its direction by the turn of its base and place it on any shelf, table or windowsill for a new perspective on modern lighting.”

Anodized aluminum, PVC Cord


W: 18,7 cm / 7.4” — H: 26,2 cm / 10.3” — D: 8,7 cm / 3.4” — Ø: 8,2 cm / 3.2”

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Beam Lamp is a versatile lamp with a modern expression and intuitive user-friendliness. With light omitted from both ends of a cylinder shape, the user can alter the volume of light in each end through the turn of a playful dial. It has a build-in energy-efficient LED bulb with a Lumen Maintenance (Lifetime) of L90 B10 35.000 hours.