Key facts


The wardrobe STEP is a practical centrepiece that restores an element of order in the chaos of everyday life. The shelf compartment at the top is for storing hats, scarves and gloves, while the four hooks at the sides are for hanging up coats and jackets. Then there are the rungs that offer plenty of possibilities for depositing all manner of objects. The keyring is retained by invisible magnets. Depending on requirements, a writing surface can also be easily attached to the rungs. The bottom shelf section is the shoe compartment. The wardrobe unit can be easily assembled or dismantled in a matter of minutes. It is attached to the wall by way of the shelf attachments, with only a single screw each. The Step wardrobe can be put to use in whatever way the user prefers. The functional elements can be inserted as required or jackets can simply be hung over the rungs. Step is the first port of call when the user arrives home and helps to make sure he or she hasn’t forgotten anything when leaving the house.

width 790 mm
height 2120 mm
depth 320 mm