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This lightweight, modular sofa system has some very special qualities and allows different types of seating to be built. 
In order not to limit your creativity this couch can be "Q-ued" in all lengths and colours in any way you want – short lounge chair or long bench, the Q-COUCH offers endless design possibilities.

The Q-COUCH is quick to construct and quick to change; unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses to. The system features slices which are connected (no tools required) to create seating isles for different interior settings.

Material: ARPRO® (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high performance plastic foam. 100% recyclable, emission free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and therefore very easy to handle. 
Available in 10 colours: black, white, silver-grey, magenta, orange, green, blue, brown, gold-cream, lemon yellow. 

Size per slice: L 98 x H 80 x W 12 cm (W 18 cm when not connected)
Weight per slice: approx. 1.5 kg