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MAKE/SHIFT Standard: d 32,5 cm

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MAKE/SHIFT shelving

MAKE/SHIFT is a self adjusting lightweight shelving system which expands and contracts to fill different size gaps. The unique wedge shaped units with corrugated edges cleverly interlock to fill niches or spaces between columns. You do not have to worry about exact dimensions, as MAKE/SHIFT can always adjust to fit.
A pair of MAKE/SHIFT can adjust in any space between 48.8 cm (min. distance) and 87.4 cm (max. distance).
MAKE/SHIFT can also be used as a free standing system (shelf or sideoboard) by using the included clips.

Material: ARPRO® (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high performance plastic foam. 100% recyclable, emission free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and therefore very easy to handle.

Inner dimensions (storage): h: 32,5 cm, d: 32,5 cm

Outer dimensions: h: 112.8 cm, w: 48.8 cm, d: 32.5 cm

Weight: ~ 2.5 kg per unit

Available in 4 colours: black, white, silver-grey, magenta. Other colours on demand.