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LINK - Modular partitioning system

LINK is a modular system designed by PearsonLloyd which features units, that link together to create free-standing partitions and room dividers for different interior settings.
Quick to construct and quick to change; unique and diverse in its capabilities to modify its design as many times as the end user chooses.

A flexible and durable system, LINK works in the following environments:
Office: reception, break out, informal meeting areas
Exhibitions: booths, shrouding walkways, creating temporary press or cafe areas
Retail: shop displays, wall cladding, back drops.

Material: ARPRO® (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high performance plastic foam. 100% recyclable, emission free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and therefore very easy to handle.

Size per unit: W 288mm x H 216hmm x D 120mm d (H 200mm when linked) (15 pcs of LINK are required to build a 1m x 1m wall)

Weight: 200g

Available in 10 colours: black, white, silver-grey, magenta, orange, green, blue, brown, gold-cream, lemon yellow.