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A single modular element is the essence of this lightweight shelving and an endless variety of configurations and forms can be constructed by using it.

Perfect for offices, retail and pop-up stores, exhibitions and events. As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs. You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating. BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere. This means that you can give your home or office a new look or function anytime, just as it suits you. You can add elements over time, as your requirements change. No instructions and no tools are needed. With its unique design and ability to be changed instantly, BUILD provides a beautiful and flexible interior solution.

Here are a few ways you can use BUILD:
- free standing or mounted on the wall
- room divider (with back or open)
- temporary seating / low table
- transport box and storage box (stows away safely and compactly when unused)
- come up with your own unique uses for BUILD

ARPRO® (Expanded Polypropylene): a lightweight high performance plastic foam. 100% recyclable, toxic-free, emission free, hypoallergenic, shock absorbing, extremely lightweight and easy to handle. Colour, dimensions and weight:
- Available in black and white.
- Open version (no back) or closed version (with back). You can mix and match the 2 versions.

External dimensions (with back):
520 x 385 x T 300 mm (without back: T 290 mm)
(20.47" x 15.16" x D 11.81" (without back: D 11.42")

Internal dimensions (with back):
425 x 315 x T 290 mm (16.73" x 12.40" x D 11.42")

Weight: approx. 750 g / 1.6 lbs